John Leopold Weil and Geraldine Rickard Weil
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About John and Geraldine Weil

John Weil and his wife Gerry Weil were superb clinicians who spent their adult lives helping and healing emotionally troubled children to strengthen their psychological well being.

Dr. John Weil was a pioneer in the study and treatment of the emotional effects of physical and sexual abuse of young children. He presented his theories on the subject in three books.

Weil J.L., A neurophysiological model of emotional and intentional behavior, Charles C Thomas press, 1974

Weil J.L., Instinctual Stimulation of Children: From Common Practice to Child Abuse: Clinical Findings, 2 volume set, International Universities Press, 1989.

Weil J.L., Early Deprivation of Empathic Care, International Universities Press, 1992.

Dr. Geraldine Rickard Weil was an innovator in the study of child development. Among her many accomplishments in advancing the welfare of children, she created the Tasks of Emotional Development (TED) test in 1971, which is still widely used in schools for the assessment of children today, 60 years later.

Cohen H., & Weil G.R. (1971/1975) Tasks of Emotional Development Test kit, Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology.