John Leopold Weil and Geraldine Rickard Weil
Memorial Charitable Foundation, inc.

Weil Memorial Lectures

In conjuction with the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute the Weil Foundation presents a series of annual lectures in honor of the Drs. Weil. The goals of these lectures are to bring some of the finest researchers and clinicians in the area of child abuse treatment and prevention to Boston.

May 6, 2006   Keynote speaker: Professor Robert Emde M.D. of the Denver Institutue for Psychoanalysis who is also Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus, University of Colorado HSC and Adjunct professor of Psychology, University of Denver. (See the program.)
October 18, 2003   Developing Capacities for Emotional Regulation in Early Childhood: New Research and Clinical Implications
Keynote speaker: Professor Linda Mayes M.D. of Yale University who is also on the faculty of the Western New England Institute for Psychoanalysis and co-Director of the Anna Freud Institute, London. (See the program.)